Black Hole

Malware Poses as Faux Adobe Flash Update

Cybercriminals are perpetrating a spam campaign by sending out emails with malicious attachments containing a Pony downloader that uploads a Zeus Trojan to victim machines while also leading users to a number of compromised domains housing fake Adobe Flash Player updates in order to dupe the unsuspecting in to installing a variety of malware strains on their computers.

Cool, BlackHole Exploit Kits Created by Same Hacker

If the relatively cheap, easily available, and totally reliable Blackhole exploit kit is the Toyota Camry of exploit kits, then the Cool exploit kit is the Lexus LS: both kits are reportedly developed by the same crew, but the latter is astronomically more expensive and presumably loaded with better features.

Black Hole Exploit Kit 2.0 Released

The developer behind the notorious Black Hole exploit kit has released a new version of the software, adding in several new features designed to prevent security researchers from getting access to new exploits or reverse-engineering the kit’s inner workings. Conveniently, the pricing for Black Hole has stayed the same, so hackers get more value for the same amount of money.

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