Armenian Bredolab Creator Jailed For Computer Sabotage

An Armenian court sentenced a 27-year old Russian man to four years in jail this week following his conviction in connection with the infamous Bredolab botnet that infected 30 million computers over the last few years.G. Avanesov, later identified as Georgy Avanesov by several media outlets, was officially sentenced for committing computer sabotage by the Court of First Instance of Armenia’s Arabkir and Kanaker-Zeytun administrative districts Monday.

Cyber Cops Wrestle With Legal Hurdles, Public Perception

CANCUN, MEXICO — A panel of top law enforcement officers in charge of cyber criminal investigations reveals that the guys with the white hats face an uphill climb if they want to take down cyber criminal kingpins, with outdated laws and processes on the one hand, and an increasingly skeptical and privacy-conscious public on the other.

Once the most common form of malicious computer network, botnets that use the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) protocol are going the way of the Brontosaurus, according to a report from Internet security monitoring firm Team Cymru. 

Virus hunters are raising the alarm for a large-scale spam attack
that uses fake Facebook password-reset messages to trick PC users into
downloading a dangerous piece of malware. 
The malicious executable is linked to the Bredolab botnet, which has
been linked to massive spam runs and identity-theft related attacks.

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