Tor Project to Launch Bug Bounty Program

The Tor Project announced last week that it plans on launching a bug bounty program this year to encourage security researchers and hackers to responsibly report issues they find in the software.

Researchers: Millions of Printers Vulnerable to Attack

Columbia University researchers say tens of millions of printers may have flawed firmware that could allow hackers to remotely set fires, erase code and infiltrate computer networks, according to a report on MSNBC’s Red Tape Chronicles blog today.

Federal Trojan’s Got A “Big Brother”

By Tillmann WernerAbout two weeks ago, the German Chaos Computer Club (CCC) has published an analysis report of a backdoor trojan that they claim had been used by German police during investigations in order to capture VoIP and IM communication on a suspect’s PC. Our friends over at F-Secure published a blog post last week where they wrote about another file that, according to them, seemed to be the dropper component of the trojan. They were kind enough to share the MD5 hash of the file, so we could pull it from our collection. Stefan and I took a closer look.

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