Chris Hoff

Evolution and Adaptation in the Security Jungle

CANCUN–Chris Hoff, vice president and CTO of the security business at Juniper Networks, compares the current enterprise security situation to that of a mixed-martial arts fighter who needs to be proficient in multiple disciplines.

How I Got Here: Chris Hoff

Dennis Fisher talks with Chris Hoff of Juniper Networks about his childhood scaring sheep on a farm in New Zealand, his early days hacking on the first wave of personal computers, his misadventures in a college computer lab and how he ended up as an itinerant security guy.

It occurred to me recently that I’ve been covering the security industry for just about 10 years. That’s a long time to be doing anything, and especially to be writing about one topic. But it’s hard to think of something that would have been much more interesting to cover this decade, given the huge change in the amount of attention paid to security and the fascinating cast of characters this industry has.

Chris Hoff, the former chief security architect at Unisys and the author of the consistently insightful and funny Rational Survivability blog, is among the most sought-after speakers in the security industry and an authority on cloud computing and virtualization security. In this interview, he talks about the goals of the Cloud Security Alliance, the vague terminology and concepts of cloud computing and why cloud computing will neither save the world nor trigger the apocalypse.

From (Robert Westervelt)

The debate around cloud security is quickly beginning to mirror the one that has followed virtualization security for the last few years. What begins as a philosophical discussion usually devolves into arguments about technology or vendor roles. In a panel at the RSA Conference, several experts waded back into the virtualzation security waters, with the expected fireworks.

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