Chris Paget

Researcher to Show Off GSM Intercept Attack at Defcon

At the Defcon conference later this week, Chris Paget, a well-known security researcher who focuses on wireless and RFID issues, will give a demonstration of a technique that enables him to intercept calls made on GSM wireless handsets without any interaction with the user’s handset.

SSL Flaw Has Researchers Hustling to Fix

A flaw in the SSL protocol that could affect company networks, hosting environments and key machines has security researchers scrambling. The flaw, which requires a hack in to a network to launch, has devastating consequences and implications on database and mail servers. Discovered in August by PhoneFactor, the researchers have been working with ICASI to make an industry-wide fix, which is called “Project Mogul.” Researchers Chris Paget and HD Moore are helping to expose the flaw. Read the full article. [Computerworld]

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