Cloud Security Alliance

Alliance Issues Guidance for Cloud-Based SIEM Services

The non-profit Cloud Security Alliance today released guidelines for the nascent Security as a Service (SecaaS) specialization within the broader realm of cloud computing. The goal, the group says, is to help companies and consumers gain a better handle on how best to evaluate, build and deploy off-premise Security Information and Event Management systems as they grow in popularity.

Cloud Security Alliance Releases New Toolkit

In an effort to better weigh the security of cloud-based infrastructures, the Cloud Security Alliance has released a new toolkit, the Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) Stack. Available as a free download on the organization’s website, the collection consists of three tools: CloudAudit, the Cloud Controls Matrix and the Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire.

Cloud Security Alliance Gives New Guidance

Version 2.1 of the Cloud Security Alliance’s “Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing” provides more concise and actionable guidance across all
domains, and encompasses knowledge gained from real world deployments
over the past six months. Read the full article. [Help Net Security]

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