SMS Trojan Found in Several Android Apps

Google has removed a group of mobile phone applications from its Android Market after it was discovered that the applications contained code that could be used to send SMS (Short Message Service) spam.

Google to Provide Samples of Malicious Code to Webmasters

Google is making a significant change in the way that it handles legitimate sites that have been compromised and are serving up malware. The search giant announced Monday that it will now provide webmasters with specific examples of the malicious code that was used to compromise their sites.

When Trusting Your Own Code is a Bad Idea

From Zero in a Bit (Tyler Shields)
Trust has long been a favorite target of malicious individuals. Most people would say that proper management of trust is one of the primary cornerstones of information security. Trust is a relative term and all trust relationships should be examined with a very critical eye. Ken Thompson’s seminal paper “Reflections on Trusting Trust”, which won a Turing Award, addresses in detail why we can never be fully sure of the trust relationships in our development environment. Read the full story [Zero in a Bit].

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