Compromised Websites

High Profile Education, Government Sites Hacked

The Web sites of some of the nation’s top universities were discovered to be serving up links to bogus online stores offering everything from popular software by Microsoft to student visas and Viagra, according to a report from security firm zScaler.

How will you know when your dabbling in pharmaceutical spam and affiliate marketing hi jinks have truly poisoned your soul and stolen the last shreds of humanity you had left? Well, probably around the time that you find yourself taking advantage of public sentiment for the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform to push rogue antivirus malware and pornography.

Web insecurity was in the news this week, with a major flaw in the security of ASP.NET and some sobering statistics on Web site infections. When your bank account gets hacked – is it your fault? And, with a patch out for one of four (!) zero day exploits used by Stuxnet, security experts wonder if its the most sophisticated malware…ever!? 

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