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Symantec: Stuxnet Likely Targeted Uranium Enrichment Systems

Symantec’s not saying that the Stuxnet worm was a state-sponsored creation designed to take out the centrifuges that power Iran’s controversial uranium enrichment program. The company’s just saying that if someone can come up with another explanation that pieces together the latest analysis of the worm, they’d love to hear it. 

There are several ongoing investigations attempting to find the authors of the Conficker botnet, one of the fastest spreading worms in history, but those responsible for the worm have proven elusive. Read the full article. [TechTarget]

The Shadowserver Foundation reported that it has discovered 7 million unique IP addresses infected by Conficker and its variants. Tracking of the attack was accomplished by cracking the algorithm that the worm uses to find instructions on the Internet.

Robert Tappan Morris was the first person convicted by a jury
under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986. The story of the
worm he created and what happened to him after it was released
is a tale of mistakes, infamy, and ultimately the financial and
professional success of its author.  Read the full story [Mark Menninger/]

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