Most of What You’ve Read About DNSChanger Is Wrong. Here’s How.

If you’ve been scanning the headlines or watching the evening news, you may have heard that tens of thousands of Internet users in the U.S. – hundreds of thousands around the world – will be cut off from the Internet on Monday, July 9, after servers set up at the bequest of the U.S. government go dark. That’s bad, right? Well, maybe not.

Consumers Should Clean Up Their Act on Personal Security

The growing use of social networking sites is leaving PC inadvertently open to identity thieves warned Hugh Thompson, chief security strategist at People Security.

Speaking at the RSA Europe Conference, Thompson said that people were unaware just how many clues they left for fraudsters. He said such carelessness was fuelling the rise of cybercrime. He told the conference about the way he managed to access one of his wife’s friend’s bank account in a couple of hours using publicly available data – a process that he had previously documented in a Scientific American article. He warned that most people’s private accounts could be accessed in this way.  Read the full article [Techworld/Maxswell Cooter]

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