Conficker Working Group

Conficker Worm Is Still a Threat

Just because there have been no big attacks linked to Conficker since
April 2009, it is dangerous to assume that nothing is happening, said the director of the Conficker Working Group, Rodney Joffe. Read the full article. [Infosecurity]

Conficker Infects 7 Million Systems in a Year

The Shadowserver Foundation reported that it has discovered 7 million unique IP addresses infected by Conficker and its variants. Tracking of the attack was accomplished by cracking the algorithm that the worm uses to find instructions on the Internet.

From the Internet Storm Center

The mere existence of the Conficker Working Group (also known as the Conficker Cabal) is something of a minor miracle. Security vendors do not have a long history of cooperating with each other, aside from the perhaps the antivirus companies sharing samples. But, as an unidentified member of the Conficker Working Group writes in this diary entry [], the joint effort to stop the spread of Conficker could be used as a blueprint for future cooperative eforts.

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