Credential Stealing

CAPTCHAs Get the Botnet Beatdown

Botnets increasingly are creating phony
online accounts on legitimate websites and online communities in order
to steal information from enterprises. Merrick
Furst, botnet expert and distinguished professor of computer science at
Georgia Tech, says bots are showing up “en masse” to customer-facing
websites — posing as people. Read the full article. [Dark Reading]

Federal authorities say they have cracked open a cybercrime gang that
allegedly duped tens of thousands of consumers into paying more than
$100 million for worthless antivirus protection, priced from $30 to $70.
A Chicago grand jury returned an indictment against Bjorn Daniel Sundin, 31, a U.S. citizen believed
to be living in the Ukraine; Shaileshkumar P. Jain, 40, a Swedish
citizen believed to be living in Sweden; and James Reno, 26, of Amelia,
Ohio. Read the full article. [The Last Watchdog]

The cybercriminals behind the intensifying phishing scam that has
been plaguing Twitter since late last week are proving how easy it is to
pervert the trust social networks like Twitter and Facebook along with
search giant Google have made a cornerstone of their respective business
models. The idea is to get Web users accustomed to using their Twitter, or
Gmail or Facebook credentials as  a “single sign-on” to access the Web’s
coolest apps. Read the full article. [The Last Watchdog]

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