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Claims Of Attack On Visa, Mastercard Fizzle

One day after a hacker using the handle “Reckz0r” claims to have infiltrated 79 different banks and leaked information allegedly belonging to Visa and MasterCard customers, there are questions about whether a hack actually occurred.

By Dmitry Bestuzhev
The credit crunch means we’re all increasingly aware of bank charges, interest rates, and how we can save a few extra pennies. Financial advisors have written pages on how transferring an existing credit card balance to another card issuer could save you money, and most people are shopping around for the best offers. 
Of course, the APR and other rates don’t worry cybercriminals. All they want to do is get their hands on credit card numbers and then use them or sell them on. Who cares if the card owner gets stung with additional charges? Read the full story [Viruslist].

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