Sberbank of Russia in Krasnodar, Russia.

Prolific Russian Bank Fraud Scheme Halted

If you’ve ever sat in on a cybersecurity hearing on Capitol Hill or attended a security conference , then you’re no doubt familiar with the oft-preached need for information sharing and private-public partnerships. So frequently repeated are these refrains that they’re almost as meaningless as the acronym “APT.”

HBGary CEO Speaks Out On Anonymous Hack

Greg Hoglund, CEO of HBGary, admits that lackluster security at his company played a central role in the breach that led to the release of some 50,000 company emails, but also disputes common understanding and reported details of the hack and the group behind it, going so far as to say there was actually no hack at all.

Four Face Jail Time for Ghost Market Crime Forum

Two U.K. teens and twenty-somethings received a collective prison sentence of fifteen years after administering the Ghost Market criminal forum, a meeting place and a classroom where nefarious individuals found anything from banking malware to methamphetamine recipes.

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