Gameover Zeus Botnet Rebuilds

Research from Arbor Networks points to a rejuvenated GameOver Zeus botnet that has grown more than 1,800 percent, confirming it has been rebuilt from scratch.

The size and volume of spam botnets are down over the last
year, and much of this can be attributed to the effectiveness of IP-based blacklists. However,
this defense method is no panacea as scammers have found new methods like reputation
hijacking to circumvent these roadblocks, and bots continue to extend their
reach by piggybacking on existing worms and viruses.

The crackdowns on massive, spam-spewing botnets disrupted the global flow of spam e-mail…for about a month. That, according to a new report out from Kaspersky Lab. “Spam in the Third Quarter of 2010” is the latest, quarterly report from Kaspersky’s anti virus research labs. It finds that several coordinated take-downs of massive botnets in the second half of the year did put a dent in global spam volumes, but only temporarily.

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