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Duqu-pocalypse Reveals Gulf Between Security, Critical Infrastructure Sectors

To hear many of the leading computer security experts, Tuesday, October 18 was “D-Day,” with the “D” standing for “Duqu,” a new piece of malware that virus experts were tripping over each other to call “Stuxnet 2.0.” “Stuxnet Clone ‘Duqu’ Possibly Preparing Power Plant Attacks” read a headline on the Website of Foxnews, summing up the air of hysteria surrounding the new malware. But less than a day later, questions are being raised about the purpose and threat posed by the new malware.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Navy Seals hauled off a treasure trove of data, including computers, hard drives and portable storage devices, following their successful raid on the compound of Osama bin Laden – a raid that culminated with the death of the terrorist leader.

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