Authorities in the U.K. have arrested two people in connection with using a notorious Trojan in a scheme to steal online banking information. The man and the woman, both 20, were arrested by the Metropolitan Police Service in Manchester, according to police. The duo is accused of using the Zeus Trojan, also known as Zbot, in a plot to steal information. It is believed the Trojan was configured to record victim’s online bank account information and passwords, as well as credit card numbers and other information. Read the full article. [eWEEK]

If your cash card gets eaten by the automated-teller machine, it may not end up in the hands of a bank employee.European financial institutions are seeing a sharp rise in card “trapping,” where criminals use various tricks in order to capture and retrieve a person’s ATM card for fraudulent use.  Read the full story [IDG News Service/Jeremy Kirk] 

By Byron Acohido, The Last Watchdog
No one in the tech security world is surprised that criminal exploitation of Twitter has commenced in earnest, as I’ve written in this story on page 1B of Monday’s edition of USA TODAY. Coding and social engineering techniques that spammers and malware purveyors have been refining and perfecting in the email realm over the past several years couldn’t mesh more smoothly into the world of social network messaging. And Twitter — the über popular Web 2.0 service that media companies can’t seem to hype enough — has presented cyber fraudsters with the attack vector of their dreams.

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