One Million Web Sites Infected At End of 2010

There was a sharp jump in the prevalence of malicious Web advertisements in the final quarter of 2010, with loosely monitored “remnant” ad networks responsible for an increasing share of the attacks, according to a report from the firm Dasient.

Web insecurity was in the news this week, with a major flaw in the security of ASP.NET and some sobering statistics on Web site infections. When your bank account gets hacked – is it your fault? And, with a patch out for one of four (!) zero day exploits used by Stuxnet, security experts wonder if its the most sophisticated malware…ever!? 

They’re the dusty corners of the Web: so-called “parked” domains. But these little trafficked sites are attracting the attention of security experts, who say that it’s time for hosting firms and others that profit from them to clean up malware infections that may be exposing millions of Web users to attacks.

In this Google Tech Talk, Neil Daswani, founder of Dasient and a former Google engineer, discusses the recent epidemic of attacks featuring legitimate Web sites that have been compromised by malware and what can be done to combat the threat.

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