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The Government Accountability Office has determined that the Federal Communications Commission failed to properly implement necessary security controls in the initial phases of its Enhanced Secured Networks project, and, as a result, FCC data remains vulnerable to “unnecessary risk of inadvertent or deliberate misuse, improper disclosure, or destruction.”


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For all intents and purposes, the Heartland Payment Systems data breach saga ended more than two years ago when the embattled payment processor finalized settlements paying out millions of dollars to various banks, credit card issuers and consumers. That is until a handful of banks reportedly requested the Fifth Circuit reopen their negligence case that stemmed from the 2008 breach.


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Over the last few weeks an attacker used a collection of illicitly obtained usernames and passwords to infiltrate a number of Dropbox accounts, including one belonging to a Dropbox employee. The usernames and passwords were stolen from other, third-party websites, Dropbox officials said, finally confirming the breach, which had been rumored for several weeks.