david litchfield

LAS VEGAS–David Litchfield for many years was one of the top bug hunters in the game and specialized in causing large-scale headaches for Oracle. When he decided to retire and go scuba diving, there likely were few tears shed in Redwood City. Litchfield recently decided to resurface, which is good news for the security community […]

Database security expert David Litchfield
has unveiled a critical,
unpatched vulnerability in Oracle’s 11G database software that allows a hacker to take control of an
Oracle database and access or modify information at any security level. Two sections of code within the company’s database
application — one that allows data to be moved between servers and
another that allows management of Oracle’s implementation of java — are
left open to any user, rather than only to privileged administrators.
Those vulnerable subroutines each have their own simple flaws that
allow the user to gain complete access to the database’s contents.  Read the full story [Forbes]

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