debit card

Point-of-Sale Terminals Compromised at 63 Barnes & Noble Locations

UPDATE – America’s largest book retailer, Barnes & Noble, announced this morning it has detected evidence of tampering in 63 PIN-pad devices used in as many stores by criminals trying to steal payment card information. Barnes & Noble claims to have disconnected all the affected devices from service on Sept. 14. The retailer did not disclose how many customers may have been affected by the tampered devices.

There is No Reason to Take a Picture of Your Debit Card …Ever

It does not matter how cute it is, or how relieved you are to finally find it after having lost it, or how mad you are at those hacks over at your bank for misspelling your name. It cannot be stressed enough that it is always a terrible, terrible idea to post pictures of your credit or debit card on the Internet.

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