Denial of Service Attacks

A handful of Apple developers have found their iMessage accounts the victim of what’s being loosely referred to as a series of denial-of-service attacks. Using rapid-fire AppleScript texts, attackers have been sending many messages at a time to about half a dozen iOS developers over the last week.

By Vitaly KamlukAs Eugene Kaspersky had written earlier, we were expecting new DDoS attacks on resources covering the Russian presidential election. So, as the country went to the polls on 4 March, we were on the lookout for new DDoS attacks.We were surprised to hear a news report from one mass media source that claimed a series of attacks from foreign countries had targeted the servers responsible for broadcasting from polling stations. The announcement came at about 21:00, but there was no trace of any attack on our monitoring system. The media report did not clarify exactly what sort of attacks had been staged. Instead of a DDoS attack, the journalists might have been referring to a different method of seizing unauthorized access, such as an SQL injection.

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