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Adobe Warns of Flash Player Zero-Day Attack

The zero-day hacker attacks against Adobe’s software products are coming fast and furious.
Less than a week after the discovery of a sophisticated malware attack against an unpatched security hole in Adobe Reader/Acrobat, the company has issued a new warning for in-the-wild attacks against a zero-day flaw in its ubiquitous Flash Player.

Vulnerability Broker Draws Line in Disclosure Sand

Looking to put pressure on software vendors who procrastinate on fixing security flaws, the world’s biggest broker of vulnerability data is drawing a line in the sand.Starting August 4, TippingPoint’s Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) will enforce a six-month deadline for patches on all vulnerabilities bought from the security research community and reported to software vendors.

Microsoft’s security response team is investigating reports of a potentially dangerous code execution vulnerability in its flagship Internet Explorer browser.

The company warned that an attacker could host a maliciously crafted web page and run arbitrary code if they could convince a user to visit the web page and then get them to press the F1 key in response to a pop up dialog box.

Microsoft has started dropping broad hints that an emergency patch for Internet Explorer will be released very soon to counter targeted attacks and the publication of exploit code for a “browse and you’re owned” vulnerability in its flagship Web browser.

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