Microsoft Considering Public-Key Pinning for Internet Explorer

Microsoft is considering adding public-key pinning–an important defense against man-in-the-middle attacks–to Internet Explorer. The feature is designed to help protect users against the types of MITM attacks that rely on forged certificates, which comprise a large portion of those attacks. Attackers use forged or stolen certificates to trick victims’ browsers into trusting a malicious site […]

Google Constrains India CCA Root Cert in Wake of Bad Google and Yahoo Certificates Appearing

The Indian Controller of Certifying Authorities said that the certificate-issuance process for the National Informatics Centre of India, which issued several fraudulent certificates recently, which were blocked by Google, has been compromised and Google has decided to constrain India CCA’s root certificate to a handful of domains in a future Chrome release. Google’s security team […]

The Dutch government has asked DigiNotar, the Dutch certificate authority that was broken into last summer, for €8.7 million ($11M USD) to recoup money it spent buying new certificates, according to several Dutch news reports. The Dutch interior ministry asked for €1 million in January, yet the number “has now risen to €8.7 million,” according to the company’s curator Rocco Mulder in an interview with Dutch news site nu.nl.

F-Secure researchers claim that malware spreading via malicious PDF files is signed with a valid certificate stolen from the Government of Malaysia, in just the latest evidence that scammers are using gaps in the security of digital certificates to help spread malicious code.

One of the biggest talks at this year’s Black Hat Briefings was a presentation on the structural problem with digital certificate authorities by Moxie Marlinspike. The subsequent hack of Dutch certificate authority DigiNotar and a damning report on that attack only weeks later, and more recent reports of exploitable holes in both TLS and SSL only underscore the problems facing the entire PKI-based system for ensuring online identities.  

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