Computershare Says No Customer Data Exposed In Breach

The investor services company told Threatpost that an investigation has determined that data stolen by a rogue employee didn’t contain shareholder data. However, the company still hasn’t retrieved two USB drives containing company email and documents that outline some of Computershare’s closely held business plans.

ARLINGTON, VA–Pulling valuable data out of corporate networks is the end goal of many, if not most, attacks these days and the tactics that attackers use to get into their targets are fairly well understood and publicized. But it’s not often that you get a look at the way that the data is actually removed from the victims’ networks.

A former Ford Motor Company engineer has been indicted on charges of theft of trade secrets, attempted theft of trade secrets and unauthorized access to protected computers.  Xiang Dong Yu, also known as Mike Yu, was arrested last week as he entered the country at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. 

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