Joint Chiefs Chairman Talks Security at Brookings

General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, made clear yesterday in a speech to the Brookings Institution that the military, the government, and the private sector each has a role to play in hardening the country against cyberattacks.

Pentagon Decision Moves Android Security Forward

The Pentagon’s decision to endorse a hardened version of Android for use inside the DoD is a smart move forward, experts said. A wholesale blessing of the Android platform isn’t possible given the various flavors of the OS. Meanwhile, attackers continue to probe deeper at kernel and OS flaws.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the avant-garde research and development arm of the Department of Defense – perhaps best known for its central role in the development of the Internet – is soliciting research proposals that would help the military improve its cyber battlespace capabilities such that they match the DoD’s existing superiority in the other domains of war.

Here’s the good news on America’s birthday: the last year has seen the U.S. emerge as an undisputed global leader in the use of offensive cyber operations. Averting another “Sputnik” moment, the nation’s longest running and most successful democracy blazed new trails in non-kinetic warfare, effectively ending speculation that the world’s lone superpower was asleep at the wheel as nations like China and Russia dashed ahead in the cyber realm. Now for the bad news: we’re screwed.

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