e-mail attacks

E-mail Trends Show Hackers Working Weekends Less and Less

While there are an increasing number of weekends catered to hacking, even hackers need a day off – and it shouldn’t surprise many that increasingly, that day is usually Sunday. Network security company FireEye reviewed statistics on email-based attacks for 2012 that suggest that Sunday has slowed into a “day of rest” for hackers.

Microsoft Research: Spammers Act Just Like HIV Virus In Avoiding Filters

Security researchers often use language and metaphors from the natural world to describe problems in the virtual world. (Thus, our use of the terms “virus,” and “worm.”) Now it turns out that the links may not be so arbitrary, after Microsoft researchers discovered that tools they developed to detect spammers’ efforts to avoid anti-spam filters were also great at spotting mutations in the HIV virus.

Search giant Google has again sounded the alarm about sophisticated attacks emanating from mainland China and targeting officials within the U.S. and Asian governments, as well as human rights activists and journalists. Samples of some of the messages posted on an independent researcher’s blog indicate that personnel in the Department of State as well as the Department of Defense were targeted.

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