Spammers Chase Kate and Will With Engagement Ring Offer

Spammers find a way to tap in on most major world events, from celebrity deaths to tsunamis. So it’s no surprise that the boys (and girls) with the botnets are trying to cash in on the biggest news event of the moment: the royal wedding of Prince William of Great Britan to Kate Middleton. 

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Cuts Off Internet, E-mail After Attack

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a science and technology complex that houses one of the world’s fastest computers,  was forced to suspend Internet access and e-mail capabilities for employees on Friday in response to what has been described as a targeted phishing attack, according to Computerworld.

There was lots of noise and distraction on the crowded Expo floor of the RSA Security Conference this year. After a grueling couple of years, vendors were back in force with big booths, big news and plenty of entertainment designed to attract visitor traffic. Wandering the floor, I saw – variously – magic tricks, a man walking on stilts, a whack-a-mole game, a man dressed in a full suit of armor and a 15 foot long racetrack that I would have killed for when I was 10.

China’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) admitted that it missed a September e-mail message from a researcher at NSS Labs that pointed out a critical vulnerability in a commonly used SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) software package. The lapse resulted in a gap of almost four months before the hole was patched.

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