Mike Mimoso talks with Steve Adegbite, Chief Information Security Officer at ETRADE, about data integrity and some of the challenges he encounters when it comes to encrypting data and dealing with third-party access to data.

Mike Mimoso and Chris Brook discuss the news of the week including internet-connected teddy bears, the latest on the Going Dark debate, and whether or not there’s a backdoor in Socat. They also preview next week’s Security Analyst Summit in Tenerife, Spain.

While the government still covets exceptional access to encrypted data, a Harvard paper says that plenty of surveillance opportunities remain, especially with the Internet of Things, metadata and more.

Mike Mimoso talks to privacy and security veteran Jon Callas of Silent Circle about the digital footprint businesses and consumers leave, how to secure our private data, and how a new documentary sponsored by Silent Circle called “Power of Privacy” helps visualize how personal information is shared-and abused-online.

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