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Visa has announced new global best practices for data field encryption, also known as end-to-end encryption – a much-discussed solution in the wake of the Heartland Payment Systems breach.
Announced by the global credit card company on Monday, these best practices are designed to further the payment industry’s efforts to develop a common, open standard while providing guidance to encryption vendors and early adopters. Data field encryption protects card information from the swipe to the acquirer processor with no need for the merchant to process or transmit card data in the “clear.”  Read the full story []


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A group of cryptographers has devised a new attack against AES, the de facto standard encryption algorithm, that enables them to recover an encryption key in far less time than had been possible before. The attack can recover an AES-256 key in a small enough amount of time to make the method practical for common attackers, leading some experts to recommend that users stop using AES-256 immediately.