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Employees Admit They’d Walk Out With Stolen Data If Fired

Privileged accounts have become an important attack vector, and if a recent survey of mostly IT managers and executives is any indication that threat will continue to grow.

According to results of ID management provider Cyber-Ark’s sixth annual global “Trust, Security and Passwords Survey,” just under half of 820 respondents admitted if they were fired tomorrow, they’d walk out with proprietary data such as privileged password lists, company databases, R&D plans and financial r

In addition to watching what you say at the office, you may want to be extra careful what you post about work on blogs, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

This admonishment is not new, but a Gartner report predicts up to 60 percent of corporations worldwide will monitor employees’ social media use for security breaches within the next three years. Currently, only 10 percent of companies keep tabs on what employees say about them online and its mainly as reputation, rather than risk, management.

Like the old adage that ‘he who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount,’ enterprises today are bounding along on the back of a particularly large and fearsome tiger. It’s called “consumer technology” and its shape is outlined by the myriad of devices and services that modern information workers are bringing to work and using – or want to use – to get their jobs done.

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