By Andrew StormsNo doubt you read about the huge email security breach Epsilon announced earlier this month. You may have received letters from companies that use Epsilon services about the possible loss of your email information. A lot of people are justifiably concerned that spear phishing and other nefarious attacks will be launched against millions of people as a result of that breach.

By B.K. DeLongThere has been a lot of online venting and hand-wringing in the week since customers of email services provider Epsilon began informing millions of individuals in North America and Europe that their name and e-mail address had  been stolen in a massive data breach. In the week since the breach, there have been emphatic warnings about the potential for phishing attacks against the customers of Epsilon clients like Citi, Mariott, MoneyGram and Dell.  But does the theft of names and e-mail addresses constitute a major breach of personal privacy that consumers should be concerned about? I believe it does.

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