Facebook Scams

Facebook Timeline Eraser Chrome Plugins Dupe Tens of Thousands of Users

Nearly 100,000 Facebook users have been duped into installing third-party Chrome plugins over the past few weeks that have access to all of their data on every Web site they visit. According to research recently conducted by security firm Barracuda Networks, the unsuspecting users were tricked into thinking the plugins could block Timeline, a new profile feature Facebook first introduced at the end of 2011.

Scammers Borrow Facebook ‘Likes’ From Top Sites To Promote Scams

Call it a new twist on Facebook “Like” jacking. Researchers at the firm Zscaler say that scammers are embedding Facebook “Like” widgets from top ranked Web brands and in Web pages used to promote online scams or distribute malware. The widgets make it appear as if tens- or hundreds of thousands of Facebook users ‘like’ the scam Web site.

Researchers are advising Facebook users to avoid offers to download an “official dislike button”, which the firm claims has spread virally across the service. There are  two different versions of the ruse thus far, both with tiny URL links to rogue applications. Read the full article. [Infosecurity.com]

Between January and March 2010, Facebook was the first social networking
site to have made it into the list of top targets for phishing attacks.
With 5.7% of all phishing attacks, Facebook took fourth place behind
the traditional phishing targets PayPal, eBay and international bank
HSBC, said researchers. Read the full article. [The H Security]

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