Online Dating Sites Getting Around With Customers Data

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the privacy watchdogs over at the Electronic Frontier Foundation have put together a guide for those tempted to dance the algorithm electric. Their findings: online dating services may be getting around with your personal data.

Phony SSL Certificates issued for Google, Yahoo, Skype, Others

UPDATED: A major issuer of secure socket layer (SSL) certificates acknowledged on Wednesday that it had issued 9 fraudulent SSL certificates to seven Web domains, including those for, and following a security compromise at an affiliate firm. The attack originated from an IP address in Iran, according to a statement from Comodo Inc.

Days after researchers at the ToorCon Security Conference in San Diego released a tool to hijack insecure Web sessions on Facebook, iGoogle and Flickr, a developer has released a similar tool, dubbed “Idiocy” that does the same for insecure Twitter sessions. 

By Andrew StormsExploit tools are the new point and shoot video games. If my grandma were alive, she could probably figure out how to install a Firefox plug-in and pwn all her nursing home friends on Facebook.  Unfortunately, you can¹t say it’s getting easier to protect yourself on the Internet. If anything, it’s getting much harder.

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