​Dennis Fisher talks with security pioneer Marcus Ranum about writing an early Internet firewall at DEC, the security gold-rush era of the 1990s and early 2000s, why he never patented most of the ideas he has come up with and how he found peace of mind.

From CIO (Joan Goodchild)
You can install the best firewalls, patch religiously, and make sure your anti-virus software is always up-to-date, but there is one online risk factor you can never control: the user. Whether they are downloading dangerous content or falling prey to phishing scams, the end user continues to be the toughest security risk to mitigate in most organizations.
With that constant struggle in mind, giving users education about what they are doing and why it is dangerous is the more effective strategy. Here are some of the more common security missteps users take and some advice [] on how to stay secure online.

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