Dalai Lama’s Birthday Used As Bait In Targeted Attacks

Followers and supporters of Tibetan Buddhist leader the Dalai Lama were the targets of an e-mail borne attack that used news of the spiritual leader’s birthday to trick recipients into installing a surreptitious monitoring program on their computers.

World Economic Forum Sees Dark Side To Connectivity

The latest edition World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report takes a dim view of our hyper connected world. At the group’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, members wrestled with the consequences of ubiquitous Internet connectivity, concluding that groups or individuals with few resources are capable of launching attacks with devastating consequences for both commercial and geopolitical powers.

Espionage network GhostNet, first identified about a year ago, is much larger and more sophisticated than previously assumed according to a study entitled “Shadows in the Cloud”, by the Munk Centre for International Studies, the Information Warfare Monitor, the SecDev Group and the Shadowserver Foundation. Read the full article. [The H Security]

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