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Slideshow: How to Avoid Getting Hacked While Traveling

VIEW SLIDESHOW How to Avoid Getting Hacked While TravelingResearcher Justin Morehouse has logged more than 100,000 miles to eight countries in the last year. His message: business travelers are at greater risk of being hacked than ever before, especially when it comes to smart phones and tablets. Now the security expert has distilled his research and first-hand experiences into some sage advice for travelling executives and VIPs. Here are eight ways you can protect yourself abroad.

Anonymous Hacks, Leaks E-mails, Voicemails of California Special Agent

Calling it a form of “electronic civil disobedience,” hacktivist group Anonymous took aim at a special agent from the California Department of Justice on Friday. The group spilled 38,000 e-mails containing “computer forensics techniques, investigation protocols as well as highly embarrassing personal information,” according to a press release on Pastebin.

Exploiting Skype: Building a telephone botnet

From the Industry Standard (Robert McMillan)
Flaws in popular Internet-based telephony systems could be exploited to create a network of hacked phone accounts, somewhat like the botnets that have been wreaking havoc with PCs for the past few years.
Researchers at Secure Science recently discovered ways to make unauthorized calls from both Skype [] and the new Google Voice communications systems, according to Lance James, the company’s cofounder.  Read the full story []  Here’s the paper [pdf] explaining the Google Voice attack.

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