Google Attack Should Be No Surprise

The attack that compromised Google’s corporate network and the systems of more than 30 other companies in recent weeks appears to be the work of smart, careful and very well-informed attackers who knew exactly whom to target and what to take once they were inside, security experts  say.

Google filed a lawsuit Monday against a U.S. company it alleges runs
work-at-home scams that unnecessarily charge people’s credit cards and
spoof Google’s brand name. Read the full article. [Computerworld]

Back in September, when Google launched the Google Chrome Frame plug-in for Internet Explorer users, Microsoft immediately warned that the move would increase the attack surface and make IE users less secure.Now comes word that a security researcher in the Microsoft Vulnerability Research (MSVR) has discovered a “high risk” security vulnerability that could allow an attacker to bypass cross-origin protections.

Arbor Networks researcher Jose Nazario has spotted a malicious Google AppEngine application being used to control a botnet of infected computers. The Google App Engine is feeding URLs to the zombies (hijacked machines) for them to download, Nazario explained.  Read the full blog post []

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