Government Accountability Office

GAO: FCC Network Fortification Project Fails

The Government Accountability Office has determined that the Federal Communications Commission failed to properly implement necessary security controls in the initial phases of its Enhanced Secured Networks project, and, as a result, FCC data remains vulnerable to “unnecessary risk of inadvertent or deliberate misuse, improper disclosure, or destruction.”

The hack of a commercially available insulin pump earlier this month at the DEFCON hacker conference has attracted the attention of members of the House Energy & Commerce Committee, which is now calling for a formal review of wireless medical devices like the pump.

With the deadline for filing U.S. tax returns fast approaching, the U.S. Government’s watchdog agency warns that the Internal Revenue Service still hasn’t implemented steps to secure its IT infrastructure and protect taxpayers’ financial data.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a call for proposals this week in a $40m program to encourage research and development in a wide range of topics related to cyber security: from designing more resilient software, to alternatives to passwords and CAPTCHA technology to prevent automated attacks.

The U.S. Government’s watchdog, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has warned that the rapid adoption of so-called “smart grid” infrastructure in the U.S. electric industry is going forward without adequate planning for cybersecurity and the combined physical and cyber attacks that are likely to occur.

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