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Did Apple, RIM and Nokia Help The Indian Government Spy On The U.S.?

Documents purportedly lifted from Indian government servers contain explosive allegations: that leading Western firms including Apple Corp., Research in Motion and Nokia provided the government with secret access to mobile devices their mobile operating systems- access that the Indian government then used to spy on official, high-level conversations about trade relations between the U.S. and China.


Apple Patent Links Power Cord To Password Recovery

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The filing, 20120005747A1, describes a method for storing a password recover secret on a peripheral device, including a power adapter. The development would, in essence, turn power cords and other peripherals into a second factor that would make it harder for thieves to gain access to devices they steal.

Read more... Says Hack Of Customer Data Is Six Months Old

Just days after a successful attack on the security think tank Stratfor, Anonymous, the anarchic hacking collective, is getting headlines again for an attack on, a Web site used by members of the armed forces law enforcement officers and gun enthusiasts. However, an employee working for the online store said the group is playing the media by taking credit for a hack that happened months ago.


Researcher Alleges Siemens Cover-up Over Security Holes In Simatic Product

A month after an unknown gray hat hacker calling himself “pr0f” used a three character password to hack his way onto computers used to manage water treatment equipment in South Houston, Texas, a security researcher is accusing the company that makes the industrial control system (ICS) software, Siemens, of trying to cover up the existence of other, more serious vulnerabilities.