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The predominant narrative among U.S. officials and cybersecurity experts is that Chinese hackers, allegedly at the behest of their government, are thoroughly compromising the computer networks of American government, defense, and public sector organizations in order to steal any valuable data found within them on a daily basis. What you don’t hear so often, though we’d be remiss to ignore it and you’d be a fool not to believe it, is that the U.S. is doing the same exact thing to China.


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MIAMI BEACH–Stephen Watt was involved in a series of attacks on retailers and restaurants that federal prosecutors called the largest identity theft in U.S. history. He wrote the sniffer used by some of his friends to steal millions of credit card numbers. After federal agents raided his apartment, confiscated all of his computer equipment, he eventually was indicted on a series of charges related to the attacks on TJX, Dave & Buster’s and others and was facing several years in prison. So he took a plea deal, hoping to reduce his prison time and the financial burden on his family. In all of that, what he regrets most is taking the plea.