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Most of What You’ve Read About DNSChanger Is Wrong. Here’s How.

If you’ve been scanning the headlines or watching the evening news, you may have heard that tens of thousands of Internet users in the U.S. – hundreds of thousands around the world – will be cut off from the Internet on Monday, July 9, after servers set up at the bequest of the U.S. government go dark. That’s bad, right? Well, maybe not.


An Unhappy Birthday For Uncle Sam On Cyber Security

Here’s the good news on America’s birthday: the last year has seen the U.S. emerge as an undisputed global leader in the use of offensive cyber operations. Averting another “Sputnik” moment, the nation’s longest running and most successful democracy blazed new trails in non-kinetic warfare, effectively ending speculation that the world’s lone superpower was asleep at the wheel as nations like China and Russia dashed ahead in the cyber realm. Now for the bad news: we’re screwed.


Report: TeamP0ison Hacker “TriCk” Pleads Guilty For Hacking Tony Blair’s E-mail

TeamP0ison hacker and newly minted 18 year-old Junaid Hussain of Birmingham, England – a.k.a “TriCk” pleaded guilty last week to hacking charges for a string of attacks on some of the U.K.’s leading political figures, including former Prime Minister Tony Blair, according to a published report in The Sun.