Health Net

Healthcare Breaches Affect More than 10.8 M

Officials from the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights have revised their list of healthcare information breaches over the past month to include 16 additional incidents, according to a report.

Connecticut Sues Health Net On Data Breach

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has sued Health Net of
Connecticut for failing to secure private patient medical records
and financial information involving 446,000 Connecticut enrollees and is fighting for encryption on medical records. Read the full article. [Office of Inadequate Security]

HealthNet Data Breach Affects 1.5 Mil Customers

Health Net Inc. announced Wednesday that it is investigating a
healthcare data security breach that resulted in the loss of patient
data, affecting 1.5 million customers. The healthcare provider
said the lost files, a mixture of medical data, Social Security numbers
and other personally identifiable information, were collected over the
past seven years and contained on a portable external hard drive. The company said the healthcare data was not
encrypted, but was formatted as images and required a specific software
application to be viewed. Read the full article. [TechTarget]

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