How I Got Here

How I Got Here: Window Snyder

Dennis Fisher talks with Window Snyder of Fastly about her early interest in technology, what it was like meeting the L0pht crew at the MIT Flea as a teenager, her time at @stake, working on XP SP2 at Microsoft, Apple’s security evolution and much more.

How I Got Here: Marcus Ranum

​Dennis Fisher talks with security pioneer Marcus Ranum about writing an early Internet firewall at DEC, the security gold-rush era of the 1990s and early 2000s, why he never patented most of the ideas he has come up with and how he found peace of mind.

How I Got Here: Andrew Jaquith

Dennis Fisher talks with Andrew Jaquith of SilverSky about his days running networks in the transportation industry, being there at the birth of @stake during his time at Cambridge Technology Partners, helping to kickstart the security metrics movement and what’s next for him.

Dennis Fisher talks with Kelly Jackson Higgins of DarkReading about her childhood days creating her own newspapers, her ambitions to be a sportswriter, getting into technology journalism and the fun and craziness of covering the security industry.

Dennis Fisher talks with Joe “Kingpin” Grand about his childhood taking apart early PCs and radios, his introduction to the BBS and early phreaking and hacking scene in Boston, his involvement with the L0pht, @stake and now his current life as an engineer running Grand Idea Studios.​

Dennis Fisher talks with Katie Moussouris of Microsoft about her childhood exploits with Commodore 64 programming, ignoring her Barbies, growing up as a hacker, her days as a pen tester and the challenges of working on security at Microsoft.

Dennis Fisher talks with Marc Maiffret about his teenage years as a phone phreaker and BBS denizen, the early years of the vulnerability research scene, the Code Red worm and its aftermath and how the security scene has changed in the past 15 years.

Dennis Fisher talks with Jeremiah Grossman about his days cobbling together old x8s machines, designing Web sites in the heyday of the spinning GIF, becoming Yahoo’s first hacker and then founding WhiteHat Security.

Dennis Fisher talks with Rich Mogull of Securosis about his days as a teen wannabe hacker, his meandering path through Navy ROTC, software development, near miss with medical school, mountain rescues and his life as a security industry analyst.

Dennis Fisher talks with Robert Hansen, a renowned security researcher, about his early days climbing telephone poles to clip into phone lines, how he got his start in the security world, the evolution of from early webrings and what he’s learned along the way.

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