Threatpost News Wrap, March 31, 2017

This year’s Security Analyst Summit is previewed and the news of the week is discussed, including a Microsoft IIS zero day, a new Mirai variant, and the broadband privacy ruling.

New evidence suggests that a Web site hosting software updates for life saving medical equipment was the victim of a massive SQL injection attack and may have been redirecting visitors to a site serving up attacks and malicious software for months before the company became aware of the compromise.

There’s a large-scale attack underway that is targeting Web servers running Microsoft’s IIS software, injecting the sites with a specific malicious script. The attack has compromised tens of thousands of sites already, experts say, and there’s no clear indication of who’s behind the campaign right now.

Less than a week after the publication of exploit code for a gaping hole in the FTP Service in Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), attackers are launching what is described as “limited attacks” against Windows users.
Microsoft has updated its security advisory to warn of the new attacks and added new mitigation workarounds for business running (IIS) 5.0, 5.1, and 6.0.

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