Infographic: Veracode on Mobile Security and Protecting Your Device

Veracode have put out another snazzy infographic, this time to help illustrate the mobile computing boom of the last few years. To accompany the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy that’s becoming commonplace in offices around the world, the web security firm uses two characters, Joe Worker and Joe IT to help break down a slew of stats, including details on the rising cost of mobile phone breaches, the dramatic jump in device adoption and 10 tips to protect smartphones and tablets.

Infographic: How Mobile Apps Invade Your Privacy

Combine the rapid adoption of mobile devices with the behavior of some companies developing applications for them, and what do you get? A pocket-sized, portable privacy liability. Veracode explores the consequences of rampant data-mining and the importance of finding the balance between function and privacy in this infographic published today.

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