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Anonymous Knocks CISPA Supporters Offline

The Anonymous Internet collective is claiming responsibility for DDoS attacks that reportedly knocked offline the websites of prominent defense contractor, Boeing, and two trade associations, TechAmerica and USTelecom.

The Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which is credited with helping to create the modern Internet, used a conference to call on hackers and other visionaries to help save it.

The UK’s Metropolitan Police swooped down on the remote, weather beaten Shetland Islands last week to arrrest what the authorities claim is a top ranking member of the international hacker collective Anonymous, which has been terrorizing governments and high profile corporations for most of the last six months. The arrest of Jake Davis, aka “Topiary” capped a busy month for law enforcement in the U.S. and U.K., with raids on dozens of homes and the arrest of reputed leaders of both Anonymous and the affiliated Lulz Security, including Marshall Webb, the Ohio man known online online as “m_nerva,” Ryan Cleary, the alleged botnet operator known as “Ryan,” and a fellow Brit known online as “Tflow.”

Social networking giant Facebook has finally boarded the bug bounty bandwagon. The company announced late last week they’ll award $500 for each bug to those who share information about flaws that could compromise the site’s privacy. The news confirms rumors that began to bubble at a Hack in the Box security conference back in May.

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