inyección SQL

How Mass SQL Injection Attacks Became an Epidemic

In the first few months of 2009, security researchers began seeing signs of a new piece of malware that was somewhat baffling to them. It didn’t act like other Trojans or rootkits and try to bury itself on an infected machine and try to do nasty stuff like deleting registry keys or copying the contents of the hard drive. Instead, this malware, which came to be called Gumblar, was about the business of stealing Web site credentials and compromising as many legitimate sites as possible, creating something entirely new: a botnet of infected Web servers that has highlighted the horrific state of Web application security and become the new model for Web-based malware.

Pirate Bay Hack Exposes 4 Million Users

Security weaknesses in the hugely popular file-sharing Web site have exposed the user names, e-mail and Internet addresses of more than 4 million Pirate Bay users. Read the full article. [KrebsonSecurity]

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