We’ve known for a long time that botnets are the Madwoman in the Attic at most major Internet service providers (ISPs)- an unseemly and occasionally embarrassing presence that is occasionally dealt with, but usually silently tolerated. But now, it seems, there’s pressure mounting on ISPs to do something about the endemic botnet operations that are leveraging their global networks to spew spam, carry out denial of service attacks and push malware.

Yet another botnet has been shut down as of
today as researchers joined forces with ISPs to cut communications to
the prolific Lethic spamming botnet — a development that illustrates
how botnet hunters increasingly are going on the offensive to stop
cybercriminals, mainly by disrupting their valuable bot
infrastructures. Read the full article. [Dark Reading]

GENEVA — Head of Google’s anti-malvertising team Eric Davis wants Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to look beyond profits and take a more proactive approach to dealing with malware-infested computers on their networks.
During a keynote presentation at the Virus Bulletin conference here, Davis said competitors in the ISP space must look beyond profits and partner on new initiatives to deal with the “parasites” that have taken control of the Internet landscape.

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