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Java 7u11 Update Addresses Only One of Two Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Microsoft can take some solace that it is not alone in sending out security updates that don’t fully address a zero-day vulnerability. A researcher at Immunity Inc., put Oracle on a similar hot seat this week when he reported that a recent out-of-band Java update repaired only one of two Java flaws being actively exploited.

Incomplete Java Patch Paved Way for Latest Zero Day Mess

The exploit targeting the latest zero-day vulnerability in the Java platform is dropping ransomware, and has been found in another exploit kit. Security experts, including U.S.-CERT last night, advise users and IT managers to disable Java on endpoints and browsers. Meanwhile, Polish security researcher Adam Gowdiak of Security Explorations, said the attacks target a pair of vulnerabilities, one of which was reported to Oracle in September and patched, apparently incompletely, in October.

Don’t expect any relief from the current assault on Java. A new sandbox-escape exploit targeting a vulnerability in the Java Runtime Environment has been integrated into both the Black Hole and Gong Da exploit kits, setting the stage for additional attacks, researchers said.

It’s been nearly two months since Oracle patched the CVE-2012-1723 Java vulnerability, a serious remote pre-authentication flaw that’s present in the Java Runtime Environment. It’s taken a little time, but the attacker community has decided that this bug deserves some serious attention, and as a result, attacks trying to exploit it have ramped up significantly in recent weeks.

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